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Message from CEO Mr Frank Ricketts on 19.09.2018:

„Dear all, it has been quite a while since I have been able to give you any up-dates regarding the future for SiteTalk Communities and it’s owner Global Digital Services.
I am extremely pleased to officially announce that after certain let downs in the past that we have managed to come to an agreement with an organisation that will bring tens of thousands of new SiteTalk CashBack members in a relatively short period of time. The platform will be opperated under a new name and you will all be able to participate along with your actual friends accordingly. As you know it has and always will be absolutely free for new members to join and of course you will be able to receive the friends bonus of 10% as it is now. One big difference in the future will be that you will receive the friends bonus over four levels of friends. That means on your friends, their friends and then their friends and their friends.
There will be a new up-date on this around the 10th October and it is anticipated that the newly named platform will go live latest towards the end of November this year.
With massive growth of trafic and thus turnover/revenue it will have an impact on GDS and any future valuations.
Sincere regards
Frank Ricketts CEO (SiteTalk Communities)“

„Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, es ist schon eine ganze Weile her, seit ich Ihnen in Bezug auf die Zukunft von SiteTalk Communities und dessen Besitzer, Global Digital Services, Updates geben konnte.
Ich freue mich sehr, offiziell bekannt geben zu können, dass es uns nach gewissen Enttäuschungen in der Vergangenheit gelungen ist, eine Vereinbarung mit einer Organisation zu treffen, die in relativ kurzer Zeit Zehntausende neuer SiteTalk CashBack-Mitglieder hervorbringen wird. Die Plattform wird unter einem neuen Namen betrieben werden und ihr könnt alle zusammen mit euren Freunden teilnehmen. Wie Sie wissen, hat und wird es für neue Mitglieder absolut kostenlos sein und natürlich können Sie den Bonus von 10% erhalten, so wie es jetzt ist. Ein großer Unterschied in der Zukunft wird sein, dass Sie den Freundesbonus über vier Freundesstufen erhalten. Das bedeutet auf deine Freunde, ihre Freunde und dann ihre Freunde und ihre Freunde.
Es wird eine neue Aktualisierung zu diesem Thema am 10. Oktober geben und es wird erwartet, dass die neu benannte Plattform spätestens Ende November dieses Jahres live gehen wird.
Mit einem massiven Verkehrswachstum und damit Umsatz / Einnahmen wird es Auswirkungen auf GDS und zukünftige Bewertungen haben.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Frank Ricketts CEO (SiteTalk-Gemeinschaften)

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In this video, the Black Diamond Natchahan Sonsirinun interviews our new Global Network Consultant, Frank Ricketts. A great leader with experience who has a lot to offer us in a year of great challenges, in which we are closer than ever to our greatest goal. Listen to his vision of success and the company OneLife, as well as his plans for 2018 in the following video:

dear members, i would like to bring you up to-date on the activities regarding the Owner of SiteTalk Community (Global Digital Services PLC) and the on going endeavors to achieve an upgrade on the Cyprus Stock Exchange to provide the opportunity of being listed on a more renowned European Exchange.

Last year for a period of 9-10 months an advisory team were engaged in implementing these proceedings above but ceased the implementation of such in January this year with us being informed after the event. Over the last 2 months we have been consolidating the paperwork to be in a position to initiate this process again with a new team of specialist supporting it.

How long?, successful or not? i can’t confirm as this is also new to us without prior experience in such things. I can only confirm that we are seriously committed to achieve this.
A lot of members keep writing messages concerning this in the chat room which are for regulation issues obviously not going to be answered. Others write questioning the value of the GDS shares which again can’t be answered for the same regulatory reasons except for the fact that if certain people didn’t step in 4 years ago to salvage the situation which was disastrous at that time there would be zero value today.

One thing i can say is that without a substantial increase in members and users of the sitetalk cashback platform nothing much can or will happen with the share value. Everyone should ask themselves (if interested in the value) what can i do to contribute, the answer is invite friends to the cashback platform, receive double the „friends bonus“ as previously, use the sitetalk platform as best as possible. Yes of course Facebook is better as a social media platform but do you own shares in Facebook? Do they have 7000 online shops where you can receive cashback on purchases you are making anyway? do they offer a „friends bonus“ on your friends cashback/purchases? Do they run a tombola with a weekly vacation prize? the answer you know.

Wishing you all a great week